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Why is there a need for Lake and Pond Management? 

If you’re fortunate enough to own a lake or pond, you’re probably well aware of the aesthetic benefits, increase property value, recreation, and wildlife they provide. 

On the other hand like your yard, if left unmanaged, a lake or pond can become unattractive and unhealthy.

Lakes and ponds are very complicated biological and chemical systems that require a delicate balance of various factors to remain healthy.  Major changes can occur by slightly altering the nutrient levels, pH, sunlight, depth, plant species, dissolved oxygen content, fish population, and watershed characteristics, so call the professionals at SAS to guarantee your assets remains beautiful, safe, healthy, and enjoyable.

Why Choose Southern Aquatic Solutions? 

We offer quality lake, pond, and wetland services in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina at the most affordable prices.  In today's economy we understand that a low price is important.  That's why we have the most competitive pond management prices in the area without sacrificing service quality.  We have trained biologist from The University of Georgia and professional operators that have more than enough experience to tackle any lake, pond, or wetland service job.  We always treat all of our customers with the same dignity and respect they deserve.   Southern Aquatic Solutions guarantees all their work, so give us a try today!




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Send Us Your Water Samples! 

For a simple and easy water quality assessment, just place a sample of water in a small air-tight container with a check for $15 and send it to:

Southern Aquatic Solutions

120 Newfield St

St Simons Island, Georgia 31522

We will test the chemical and biological parameters of your sample and provide you with the results and recommendations in a few short days. 


Yearly Management Plans

The best way to properly keep the health and beauty of your pond is let us develop a custom yearly pond or lake management plan.  There are certain procedures that need to be done to a pond during certain times of the year.  These processes are crucial if you want to achieve the optimal health and beauty out of your pond or lake. We can specially design an affordable management plan to match the needs of your pond or lake.  We offer free site evaluations and estimates, so give us a call today!

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